5 phases of the Epidemic Corona- COVID-19- from zero to disaster … As COVID-19 is a rapidly evolving situation, spreads rapidly increasing the number of victims.


Thus, many countries of the world have classified the severity of the disease in order to be able to develop the appropriate plan for each stage, striving to do their utmost to control the spread.

All countries and governments are seeking to take many measures before reaching the catastrophic stage of the virus.

The 5 stages of the epidemic Corona virus from zero to disaster. The stages of the silent killer were as follows:

The first stage of the virus is called “zero” and is considered fairly stable period. The country does not have any infection recorded although it was known that an epidemic had spread in several countries. Through this stable period a detailed precautionary plan was put in place for all stages.

The second stage will be with the registration of the first case being infected in a country. The precautionary measures start with the identified case that will be isolated, the authorities will start the investigation and searching for whom have been in contact with the patient and whom may have been infected.

These precautionary measures mentioned before are taken in an attempt to limit the spread of this infection and control it in the narrowest limits. Other precautionary measures are taken such as; to suspend the study in schools and universities, to suspend flights between the country and other countries.

The limitation of individual movements is to decrease and minimize any contact that might possibly cause of spread of the disease. Asking citizens to stay at home to avoid the spread of infection to or from.  And cleaning and disinfection of public places and streets is a wide precautionary measure too.

In the third stage, the number of infection cases increases, and the disease start to spread through infection from citizens to each other. Both number of injuries and death begin to increase. At this point, more stringent precautions are required.

When the fourth stage of the epidemic begins, the virus spreads in several regions with several injuries, often in several regions or collectively, the areas are classified as “infested”. Countries who is living now this stage have been taken more strict measures.



The fifth stage: It is the most dangerous in the whole journey of Corona, where the virus spreads within the whole country, as it is in Italy. This stage is called disaster…they had to take very strict measures that correspond to the stage in which they are.

Each country does its best in order to prevent the spread of the virus. The higher the stage of proliferation, the more severe and strict the precautionary measures.


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