Cool Car Beds For A Stylish Kids Room...Surely, the next toy model of a luxury car will be the best gift for a kid who is fond of automobiles weather Cars, trucks and pretty much all things transportation. Many parents buy so many hot wheels and toy cars to their kids but why not surprise him not with a toy, but a real bed-car…

These bed-cars look very bright and colorful and very unusual.  For boys who love cars lots of unique gift ideas circles around the advantages, features, varieties of models and other important selection criteria we will mention later in the article.

Quizzes of choices;    

Today, a bed-car is no wonder for anyone. And No wonder you run your own family… However, not everything is so simple. Well…Each parent, if desired, can purchase a car-bed suitable for his kid, but choices are not that easy. Many choices are quite bright, so parents have to think about how to do the right thing. On one hand, pleasing your beloved child with a gorgeous gift and on the other hand, not to hurt.

You have to consider the age of your child, so, not to worry about his safety. The model of a children’s bed with a thematic design, whether it be a Ferrari, a boat or a train.

Colors are another choice to go with as such colorfulness excites the imagination, because the baby may not be able to fall asleep.

Size of the bed-car depends on how properly it will approach the size of the room.

The room design itself and how well you’ve planned the design of the room itself for example warm colors of the walls, bedding in pastel colors will balance the expressiveness of such an unusual piece of furniture.

Quizzes of choices; to make Quizizz work the way you want and how will that help you to gain the quiz to get the child so anxious when he couldn’t wait to get to bed.

Benefits of Baby Bed;

First of all, a significant advantage of such furniture is the emotional component combined of stronger pleasure. After all, this is a great idea – to arrange a kid with his own his beloved fairy-tale world which is often easeful outcome for small age kids where he like a cartoon character, will fantasize, dream, come up with scripts and invent scenarios.  Among other important advantages are the following:

Functionality. Such beds for children’s rooms are very comfortable, equipped with sides rails, these beds may serve many purposes; the front of some models can serve as a table or shelf, some designs are with drawers built into them for storage, an extra bed, as well as built-in lighting, which is convenient to use as a night lamp.

Safety These beds are occupied with high safety standards… The presence of sides, rounded surfaces, the absence of small parts ensures sufficient safety in the crib.

Originality. Such furniture is creative and will make the nursery fashionable, spectacular, fun and unusual.

Large selection of designs and models. Variants of Thematic design for every taste and color: police cars, race car, Ferrari, Mercedes, Audi, Jeep, SUVs, school buses – each young rider can choose the model he likes best which will have them racing off to sleep.

Who said the car-bed is for boys only?  Manufacturer designers were clever enough to work with the female half of humanity and produced advanced cute cars for little princesses.

In the end, Car Bed transforms a child’s bed into a fun time to put in bed and the likelihood that the child will be easier to sleep significantly because he will have a rest in a real car!

Options presented in stores

Sleeping beds that resemble or perfectly follow the silhouette of a car are presented in stores in the following versions:

A real car replica. The design replicates the look of a real car as much as possible. In such models there is a verity of car colors and designs that resample the real ones such as steering wheel, movable wheels and even headlights can glow. A car with a ladder looks very original, on which the baby will be happy to climb to the berth. 

Stylized models. They resemble a real car, of course only in shape if not printed well on fabric you could be mistaken. Manufacturers produce models that can be identified with popular cartoon characters which are favorite to children.

Bed car with sides. They are designed especially for the smallest infants and small ones for safety. There are no sharp corners in such a bed, and high sides provide maximum security. Therefore, the model is suitable for a child from one and a half years.

Bunk models. A great option for two children of the same age or with a small age difference or relatively the same size. Typically, these beds are produced in certain forms like buses or jeeps.

Main Selection Criteria;

The key aspects that parents should pay attention to are:

Sizes. They can be different, but usually it is designed for children up to 16 years old. There is a standard parameter for beds manufacturing: 1.2 x 2.4 meters. Percussions should be alert when attending to buy a bunk bed, consider the height of the ceilings.

Material. MDF and chipboard are commonly use and allowed. Be sure to check the quality certificates.

Structural strength. Carefully check the fasteners. And check back how much weight it is designed for especially If the package includes a mattress.

Additional controls. a remote control is added to car-bed options to control sound and backlight.

Varieties of models description

Sports car – stylized as a racing car, has comfortable sides – higher at the headboard, lower at the feet positions. The frame is orthopedic, the mattress is not provided.

Mercedes the model is stylized as one of the most popular brands. All components are made of safe. A high-quality Mattress is included. Price – 15,000 rubles.

Backlight model – the bed has a bright design; the wheels are presented as a separate protruding part.

Attic bed (FunKids) – these models are for compacts rooms. The sleeping place in the form of a typewriter is located on the second floor and below there is a locker and shelves.

Sports car2 (premium) – has some modifications like the backlight, which is built on the bottom of the car…under the bed itself.

Bunk bed in the form of a Jeep – it is provided for two children with a slight age difference or sizes. The lower bed with sides is suitable for a younger child or smaller in size.

Supercar – very much like a real racing car, made of bulk plastic and chipboard. The LED lights are built into the wheels. With a remote control.

Of course, a spectacular bed-car is a children’s dream of every growing motorist. But it is important to remember that a stunning realistic design should not precede the quality characteristics and safety of the material. Check the goods in all respects especially safety, because only a reliable design will be as practical and useful as possible in the child’s room.

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