Beautiful French interiors by Claude CartierClaude Cartier Decoration: Exceptional showroom in Lyon. We’re more interested in French stylish homes as they have an oh-so-stylish home look and their effortlessly chic way that the French decorate their homes.

Each apartment has its own interesting story and is identified with its own which needs to be respected as a result gives a specific charm. A good design should bring together the iconic character and a great use of a awkward space to create a true feeling of luxury.

Today we want to discover Claude Cartier’s boutique in a way to discover out French country interior design and what makes French decor so cove-table. This boutique which is located on Auguste Comte Street, in the antiques district founded by Claude Cartier. Claude Cartier has been a reference figure for many years, in the field of interior design and decoration.

Claude Cartier is a passionate and dynamic Parisian interior design and decorator woman who do not hesitate to experiment, knowing how to mix different styles and how pieces will fit together. She combines traditional French design with trendy French modern interior design items. And also knows how to mix vintage Parisian style home decor with French modern interior design that holds contemporary furniture. The modern Parisian decor and interior design seems to be the perfect mix of old and new.

How to decorate like a Parisian… Only the French know how to do this! It’s all about modern French decorating ideas compatible with different styles of French decorating ideas that exist between different periods and styles.

Claude Cartier started with two small furniture showrooms in her hometown Lyon, France’s third largest city. But very soon the visitors loved her expositions so much that she became one of the most famous interior designers, and thus had to open the design studio. Now her portfolio comprises several projects in Lyon and different countries, many awards that displayed her projects with pride. In its high-end showroom that has a personal taste to create a sense of history, the installation and staging of its products are remarkable and elegant, chosen different brands from various designers with a lot of taste and daring. French style is refined for effortless design that never feels ostentatious. In other words, French apartments are just simple and timeless where you can find everything in this place; design and decoration as long as the proportions are right …you truly will love each piece.

If you want to see more beautiful French interiors and French style homes interior including some unpublished Paris apartment interior design, it is undoubtedly at Claude Cartier that you must go. Find your own personal style in a space that feels more lived of modern French decorating ideas with Parisian decorating ideas.

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Beautiful French interiors by Claude Cartier
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