On btellu.com you’ll find a wide selection of DIY projects and craft ideas to inspire ‎you, varying from extra easy to complex whether its paper crafts, fabric dyeing, Sewing ‎Ideas, Knitting Ideas, DIY Home Projects, Kids’ Crafts or painting. DIY Projects & ‎Crafts can improve your home décor using variety of techniques. ‎With DIY Projects & Crafts you get to learn how to up cycle or repurpose ‎everyday objects to turn a generic piece into something unique you’ll cherish ‎forever.‎

DIY hand painted mugs – a great gift for everyone... Great ideas and a guide on DIY hand painted mugs - DIY DISHWASHER SAFE PAINTED MUGS ... We love ceramic mugs for many reasons. many of us become quite emotionally with hid mug, that it may evokes certain feelings when drinking hot cocoa to tea. Mugs are practical pieces...
Easy Clay Votive DIY...All you need to make your home more romantic and warm is candles touch in its decoration. The candles will be a source of low light and give your home a royalty atmosphere which is also thrifty wedding and party crafts. Putting the candles like this with an open flame, it won't be safe at all...
Take your pick from these amazing paper folding or Origami art & craft ideas for kids to introduce your little; one of the amazing Japanese art of paper folding. Paper folding origami is a cheap craft mainly made out of one sheet of paper. The concepts and designs of folded paper or the art of paper folding craft work is to create both...
Quick and Easy Patriotic Crafts for Kids & Adults…We know there are some things that can only come from God, that is why I believe that the Americans are blessed to be born in this country. It is those times that blessing comes from those individuals who died due to their responsibility. “May we think of freedom, not as the right to do as...

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