Christmas fairy: festive kitchen full of Christmas ideas…On holidays, the main room does not have to be a living room – Your working room -the kitchen- can be filled with stylish and natural details. With Christmas barely a few days away, copy all these ideas!

For a last-minute decoration idea, we offer you some cool ideas to get the job done as seen in this Spanish home in Spain.

The key is to first focus on the decorating with the kitchen area with the main Christmas theme. Yes … It’s All About the Tree. A gorgeously decorated Christmas tree was placed in the kitchen-dining room to make the biggest visual impact and becomes the focal point in any Christmas decorations.

Many knows that this place is great for celebration, – where whole family gathers at the table. For many years the kitchen had played an important role in any festive occasions so why not on Christmas let this area enhance the festive cheer of the space. Red-and-white decoration and linen textiles to incorporate the Christmas tree. Crafty decoration such as pine-cones with a red ribbon, paper balls, paper stars and mirror balls. complemented snow-white furniture and wood.  As well as spruce and eucalyptus twigs decor that perfectly fit Christmas décor. The color schemes and the light interior spreads the magic spirit of Christmas.