Easy Clay Votive DIY…All you need to make your home more romantic and warm is candles touch in its decoration. The candles will be a source of low light and give your home a royalty atmosphere which is also thrifty wedding and party crafts. Putting the candles like this with an open flame, it won’t be safe at all especially if you have kids or pets. But sometimes I worry a bit about having open flames around the pets.

So you will need votive holders that you can put an LED votive into so it will be more friendly and safe. It will be a simple handmade clay candle holder craft made from clay that will make your home more gorgeous.


Come with polymer clay candle holder tutorial step by step to know the supplies and how to make a candle holder out of clay. You need an oven bake clay, non-stick mat, non-stick rolling pin, ruler, clay knives, straws and circle cookie cutter. That is all you need to start over doing a clay candle holder diy. Your clay candle lantern consist of two parts which are the bottom and the cylindrical sides. Use the round cookie cutter to make the circular bottom first to determine the length of the rectangular part that will be the votive sides. Now, it is the time for a non-stick mat and rolling pin to roll out your clay but be careful of its thickness. Make holes using straws to let the light of the candle shine through them later on when you finish it. Wrap your rectangle around the clay circle until the sides meet together. You can use white clay or any other colored clay but be careful while doing it as it will be soft. Finally, bake your clay votive or if you don’t need to bake, let air dry clay then add an LED tea light to the bottom of it.

Easy Clay Votive DIY is one of many clay ideas and projects can be made from clay and used for home decorating, any holiday or season, or just for every day use in your house or even as clay gift ideas. Get Crafty and get inspired to Make Some Unique Candle Holders using with clay crafts and our clay candle holder ideas. OR get your home ready for the holidays with these great decorating ideas.

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