Ideal Family Home in Minneapolis


Ideal Family Home in Minneapolis…Welcome to your dream home, looks almost perfect.  Here a happy family can live and spend a lot of time at home and love to receive guests. It’s a stunning mix of delicate pattern, cozy interiors, relaxing pastel colors, lots of textiles, prints and beautiful textures. This beautiful country house in Minneapolis is designed by friendly, unassuming interiors Bria Hammel Interiors.

Take the full tour of this Ideal family home in Minneapolis home  where beautiful spaces have a meaningful purpose captured by Spacecrafting. It’s pretty American style is much impossible in its best manifestation.

The aim of this 1925 Tudor home in Minneapolis was to bring it to life. This ideal family home was restored and updated with bright colors and playful prints to suit a young family. Because families grow and change too, designing a family home must be able to accommodate years of love and growth. This is done by shaping the differing family member needs at the different stages of life, to have a family home with a backdrop of countless memories.

There are a lot of exciting things to consider when designing the interiors of a home to be a family friendly one for today and for years to come. Every home plan layout may not work with your family, but best house layout for family is which it has consideration of family size and its lifestyle. A good house design is quietly chosen according to your personal taste starting from the location, the size of home, architectural style, interior design and more. So get inspiration and get decor ideas for every room of your home; living room, dining room, designing family-friendly kitchens, and more… just try to pick a favorite room.

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The Living Room;

The walls are neutral white for successful combination of spaces. The furniture, window treatments, large area rug, and accessories all are combined well for a day living. This space was well invested by having so many great features built-in to save space and to maintain an elegant look. This strategy was used to highlight these beautifully crafted areas …the bookshelves/window bench and fireplace mantle.

The Kitchen;

The gold lanterns are a statement piece incorporating with the white designed kitchen that you can fall in love with once you see them.

The Dining Room;

Many families love to host their family and friends over. While having a home like this you just cannot resist the everyday hosting and gathering. The built-in buffet was perfectly designed in space to create an amazing spot for accessories.

Guest Bathroom;

Although it is a very small space it is created that you and your nearest and dearest will love. The most amazing part of  is that it is thoughtfully designed and relaxing. A perfect example of attention into all the details to surprise your visitors with this brilliant idea …There isn’t one detail that we don’t love.

The Master Bedroom;

With cool blues, fluffy whites and soft  gray colors would go so nicely in a calmness master and  create such a cozy and romantic personalized space.


This small mudroom is a home’s secondary entrance that leads to their backyard. The space was authentically eclectic tone with the rest of the home. A fun Dutch door in blue was added as a transition between the outdoors and the indoors, spelling out “hello” that greet guests when they walk in. Not only will you love these accenting environments that are beautiful & uniquely refreshing.