Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Russia… Russia in the late Soviet times was once the largest and most powerful member of the former USSR and since its collapse it became a fascinating country to visit as inner tourism and international tourism around Russia has increased a lot. Visitors from the global have developed their own impressions from the rich cultural heritage and great natural variety places in Russia.

The largest country in the world, Russia offers a broad array of travel experiences from great subtropical beaches and Earth’s oldest lake to treks up the slopes of glacier-capped mountains bitterly cold winter regions in the north. Russia is steeped in history everywhere with historical sites and cultural activities as a traveler goes, from vicious battles to great classical music and magnificent art. Whether you’re exploring its accent times or wandering through its lovely cities, a visit to Russia is an adventure not soon forgotten. Enjoy these top tourists attractions in Russia that have been picked with care. You can also get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles 10 Top Tourist Attractions in Crete Greece and 10 Top Tourist Attractions in Siwa Oasis Egypt to help get you started planning your next holiday.

Tourist Attractions in Russia

1-St Petersburg;

St. Petersburg was once the imperial capital of Russia built by Tsar Peter the Great (1672–1725). St. Petersburg is Russia’s second largest city and its cultural capital with a rich and fascinating history known as Leningrad in 1924, but most people refer to it by its birth name, St. Petersburg …a Jewel in Russia’s Imperial Crown. Because it is the most westernized city of Russia and in the world and its location as on the Neva River at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea, the city is a popular northern cruise destination and one of the most popular places to visit in Russia. St. Petersburg is almost too European to be Russian. The city center is a UNESCO World Heritage site built on more than a hundred islands in the Neva Delta, dotted with elegant arched bridges with over than 40 rivers flow and approximately 20 channels that it was called the “Venice of the North” by Goethe and is stated with impressive rococo architecture and spectacular palaces.
Visit the fabulous Winter Palace – a former residence of Russian emperors, where you will find the world famous Hermitage. Founded in 1764 by Catherine the Great, it boasts one of the finest art collections in the world over 3 million items spanning the globe. Explore Peter and Paul Fortress is an imposing fortified structure, the first structure built in St. Petersburg-with its impressive baroque interior. Take a look around, there are many churches adding to the city’s magnificent art such as St Isaac’s Cathedral – the largest cathedral in Russia and one of the world’s largest cathedrals and the beautiful Church on Spilled Blood, which was built between 1883 and 1907 on the spot where Tsar Alexander II who was fatally wounded in March 1881. You can also pay a visit to the spectacular Summer Gardens at palatial Peterh which has witnessed some of the most spectacular moments overlooking the Gulf of Finland and Catherine Palace at Tsarkoe Selo.



Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge (Peter the Great Bridge)Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge (Peter the Great Bridge
Catherine Palace.Catherine Palace.
Church of the Savior on BloodChurch of the Savior on Blood
Saint Isaac's Cathedral and Hotel Astoria, a member of the Leading Hotels of the World.Saint Isaac’s Cathedral and Hotel Astoria, a member of the Leading Hotels of the World.
Saint Petersburg (Admiralty building and spire in foreground) long served as the capital of the Russian EmpireSaint Petersburg (Admiralty building and spire in foreground) long served as the capital of the Russian Empire
Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral.Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral.
Stroganov PalaceStroganov Palace
The Bronze Horseman, monument to Peter the GreatThe Bronze Horseman, monument to Peter the Great
The golden-domed Saint Isaac's Cathedral dominates the city skylineThe golden-domed Saint Isaac’s Cathedral dominates the city skyline
The Summer GardenThe Summer Garden
View from the Colonnade, St. Isaac's Cathedral, Saint PetersburgView from the Colonnade, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Saint Petersburg  source
Hermitage-MuseumHermitage-Museum   source


St. Isaac’s Cathedral source

Church on Spilled Blood

Church on Spilled Blood source

Moscow As the capital of Russia located on the Moskva River in western Russia is a lively city. Moscow is the most important city in Russia, but not just for political reasons alone but it is full of things to see and places to visit. This city of more than 12 million is also well known for its mixture of historical and contemporary sights such as artistic endeavors, including ballet, symphonies and art Moscow contains plenty of treasures for ogling, the stately Kremlin and impressive Red Square, remains a highlight of any visit. Onion-shaped domes of historic churches are sights not to be missed.

Moscow Kremlin (1)
Moscow Kremlin (2)


3-Moscow Kremlin:
The Kremlin is a must-see attraction for anyone visitor. The Moscow Kremlin is a very old historic fortified complex at the heart of Moscow and symbolizes the whole of Russia one of which visitors will perceive immediately. Kremlin is the largest fortress in Russia, and one of the largest active fortress in Europe! It is both a cultural sight, as well as the Centre of the Russian state, located at the very heart of Moscow and the walled enclosure five palaces, four cathedrals built in the 15th and 16th century and several notable museums with Kremlin towers. At first the great wall and buildings were made out of wood, but to protect the area from fire it was demolished and the stone wall appeared. In 1990 the Moscow Kremlin and the Red Square were list in the UNESCO worldwide heritage.

Kremlin historical building Spasskaya Tower with one of the Kremlin stars on topKremlin historical building Spasskaya Tower with one of the Kremlin stars on top
Moscow Kremlin_Ivan Great Bell TowerMoscow Kremlin_Ivan Great Bell Tower
the Kremlin from the southwestthe Kremlin from the southwest
Tsar Bell, Kremlin's visitor attractionsTsar Bell, Kremlin’s visitor attractions
Tsar Cannon Kremlin's visitor attractionsTsar Cannon Kremlin’s visitor attractions
View of the Kremlin from the Moscow RiverView of the Kremlin from the Moscow River source

4-Lake Baikal – World’s Deepest Lake;
Many travelers on the Trans-Siberian railway make plans to stop at Lake Baikal, the largest freshwater lake by volume, and oldest lake on Earth 25-million-year-old. Lake Baikal holds around one-fifth of the entire world’s fresh water. The lake is considered one of the clearest and purest bodies of water in the world. It is home to many unique species of animals and plants including the freshwater seal. Known as the Pearl of Siberia and completely surrounded by mountain ranges which made it a good Lake Baikal is home for several resorts, making the area a popular vacation destination.


5- Valley of Geysers ;
Valley of Geysers is situated on the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Russian Far East, the only geyser field in Eurasia and the second largest geyser field in the world as it measures about 6 km. The Valley of Geysers was discovered in 1941 by Kronotsky reserve geologist Tatyana Ustinova and observer Anisifor Krupenin and is hosted with a number of hot springs and ninety geysers. The Valley of Geysers is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site and in 2008 it was elected as on of seven .Although it’s remote location, the Valley became a popular tourist attraction in Kamchatka and attracts a lot of interest from scientists and tourists.

Valley of the Geysers

Photo by: Robert Nunn source

Valley-of-Geysers-Russia 2


6-Saint Basil’s Cathedral ;
Saint Basil’s Cathedral ‘Cathedral of the Intercession of the Virgin by the Moat’ was built between 1554 and 1561 by ‘Ivan the Terrible’, and situated in the heart of Moscow; famous for its distinctive nine individual chapels with a unique onion dome. The cathedral was designed in such a way to represent a Heavenly Kingdom reflecting an architectural representation of the New Jerusalem. This unique architecture was built but to any subsequent period. There is no other structure on earth quite like St. Basil’s Cathedral and considered to be among the top tourist attractions in Russia.

Tourist Attractions in Russia

Sochi is the largest resort city in Russia located on the Black Sea; it stretches for 147 km along. Sochi is a great winter sports destination and a “summer resort capital” of Russia. The resort city is getaway for Russians as it offers a subtropical climate and great beaches, making it a key part of the Russian Riviera. Sochi joined the World Union of Olympic cities and hosted the 2014 Winter Olympics and Sochi also hosts the Russian Formula 1 Grand prix and will be a host city for the 2018 Fifa World Cup.

Sochi (1)

Sochi (2)

Sochi (3)

Sochi (4)


Vladivostok is a young a typical European city of 150 years old, founded in1860 as a Russian military outpost when Russia expanded eastwards over and beyond the River Amur. Vladivostok is surround with mountains and bays making it a stunning beautiful city at the border of the Asia-Pacific region on Primorsky Krai in Russia. Here there are several viewing platforms, beautiful and varied landscape in and around the city, allowing admiring panoramas and many opportunities for interesting sightseeing of a day and an evening city. Vladivostok is an open, friendly and attractive city to visit and the most interesting sight of the city is Vladivistok fortress.

Map of Russia Location of Primorsky Krai in RussiaMap of Russia Location of Primorsky Krai in Russia
June 2014 view of Vladivostok and the Golden Horn Bay view of Vladivostok and the Golden Horn Bay
Port of VladivostokPort of Vladivostok
Vladivostok Railway StationVladivostok Railway Station source 

9-Kazan :
Kazan is the capital of Tatarstan, it is a city where European and Asian cultures meet as it is located in European part of Russia on the banks of the Volga and the Kazanka Rivers… it is referred as the Istanbul of the Volga. Kazan was founded no less than 1000 years ago, it is believe that the city was founded in 1177 and is a World Heritage Site. Kazan is a very interesting city from the architectural point of view. It is honored that the city has a regional peace where you can see various constructions of the 16th-18th centuries, the Peter and Paul cathedral, the Marjani mosque and some old buildings, which have been carefully preserved till nowadays.

Kazan (1)

Kazan (2)

Kazan (3)

Kazan (4)




10- Trans-Siberian Railway:
Part of the longest continuous rail journey on earth, the classic Trans-Siberian railway runs all the way from one end Moscow to all the way to the other Vladivostok, a city near Russia’s borders with China and North Korea a journey of 6 .5 . The Trans-Siberian is a journey of mammoth proportions, and an experience of a lifetime, the much fun is that Vladivostok is not the only final destination, China or even Korea is a legendary route. Begun in 1891 by Tsar Alexander III who supervised the construction and was completed by his son; Tsar Nicholas II, in 1916.